Billboards for Commuters

Based in a collaborative pedagogy that considers all participants as active knowledge-creators, these projects occur in art galleries, afterschool programs, libraries, community centres, and the empty fields behind them.


after-school art program 2010
supported by Oakville Galleries and ArtHouse Oakville

Billboards for Commuters

rhymes, political statements, jokes, uplifting messages

The billboards each carried their own message.
An invitation was given to participants to think of how we could use the empty church yard that backed onto the pathway of a busy commuter rail line. Many of participants parents took the train daily to and from work. Billboards were installed facing the trains.

"Give Us Swings in Spring" - youth were in protest over the removal of their neighbourhood playground which was dismantled unannounced, and with no indication of when a new one would be built.

"Stop Pollution We Have A Solution: Use Only What You Need" participants all lived within a 2 km distance of the program (held at the local church). Their neighbourhood is notorious in Oakville for its placement directly next to the Ford car factory. Air quality downwind of the factory is documented as some of the poorest in the whole province.