Listening to Water

“trying to find another way to reach you”, 2017 Sound installation
Verkligheten Galleri, Umeå, Sweden/ Sápmi

Verkligheten is housed in what was originally a small 2 storey industrial building. The audio is played at a volume to be heard echoed throughout the building, as well as from outside on the street. 1 hour long in duration, the work is comprised of a short text written by the artist, recorded, at a length of 5 minutes. The recording has been stretched out so that it now takes 1 hour to complete. Language has become illegible on a different time scale - but to whom? The work takes a speculative starting point, inviting the viewer to join in as the co-speaker, in attempt to communicate in a way that may be illegible to us, but maybe not to others. The text is made available as a risograph poster that can be taken by the viewer and presented in a way as to refer to a speakers podium. The resulting audio rings with the vibration of vocal chords, and gives off hymnal or chant like qualities. The text speaks to the inabilities to break out of the only communication given, in attempt to break out of self imposed limits of bodies, and time and communication.