Øs(s) me Mjøsa // Pour(us) with Mjøsa

Øs(s) me Mjøsa //
Pour(Us) with Mjøsa

2014, video, 6min

Inspired by a sexual and queer euphemism made up by a friend: Øs me Mjøsa, I became oriented towards expressions of topophilia* to Mjøsa. From this the figure of regional poet Alf Prøysen emerged; a figure prominently embedded in identities of the Hedmark region and more broadly in Norway. Provoked by the revelation of Prøysen’s hidden attraction to men, the video presents an encounter with and a question of its relevance on the reading and formation of his work.

Er'e så nøye, ‘a? ("is it really that important?")
- Alf Cranner on Prøysen’s sexual identity

Within Prøysen’s prose and texts began a translation and search for latent queer references and what appeared was an aesthetic of multiplicity and euphemisms. Video footage was collected from a visit to Hamar, Brummundal, Jesnes and Ringsaker area, my encounter with Mjøsa, the site of Prøyenhuset and public footage from flooding in the Mjøsa region. Øs(s) mæ Mjøsa draws (in)visible lines between a set of figures as their individual embodiments and perceptions gesture to, reflect back, and extend with each other.

*Topophilia describes the affective relationship between perception and place

Installation, Ferskt Kjøtt, Kurant, Tromsø Norway, 2014