being something other than what I am

Other that what I am
video, 6min

I carry the memory of a dream, vividly impressed onto the body my waking self. In the dream, I am no longer in my current body - I am entirely salmon. Everything I know about being and sensing in my human body, is suddenly alien. This experience of otherness, of liminal embodiment, is recounted through connected memory experience of almost drowning as a child. Scenes were filmed at a fresh-water salmon farm in Kirkenes, and Havbruksstasjon in Troms.

My (our) perceptions are embodied by all the senses available to me (us). I (we) see, smell, touch, taste, move- a stream of sensation, forming my (our) perception of the world. I am interested in how I (we) use these perceptions to form narratives between 'self' and 'other', how I (we) relate with everything around us - an attempt to understand embodiment.

It is our embodiment that shapes our interactions in the world; political, sensorial, ecological, cultural and collective perceptions. OTHER THAN WHAT I AM focuses on experience of being embodied as other, pushing the limits of what my body is and can be.