RHAD: "Lets Talk About Gender Baby"

Radio Hopes and Dreams presents:

Initiated by Elin Màr Øyen Vister
November, 2016

RadioHopesAndDreams are back ! This time Elin Màr Øyen Vister has invited Calder Harben to join the fun, and we are doing an exciting artistic intervention we have named / Let´s Talk About Gender Baby! ; - the title is inspired by The Knife /Planning To Rock, anthem with the same name. We are taking up some space at Amalie Skram Videregående Skole (#amalieskramvgs) in Bergen this coming week. We are doing a three day workshop on gender and identity with the first year students (VG1 Media and Society) followed by 2 days from 10 am on Thursday til Friday at 4.pm when we can be heard on FM 101.6 in the city center of Bergen. The broadcast will be live and directly made in collab with the students from the college, and we have also done some additional music and content programming to fill the whole 24 hrs. We will discuss and talk, and feel, record, play great music and hopefully laugh and dance. We are checking out a lot of cool art works in the coming 3 days dealing with the topics. And we will be talking about season 3 of #SKAM, talking with artist and filmmakers about their work and experiences, and much more. The broadcast will also be available on Soundcloud.com/RHADpodcast, as podcasts. Instagram.com/radiohopesanddreams