Queer Ecologies Network

The Queer Ecologies Network

The Queer Ecologies Network is an inter-Nordic, interdisciplinary collective network of artists, scholars, activists, philosophers, curators and others, with interests overlapping at the intersections of ecology, politics, and artistic and cultural production.

The now international network was initiated by artists Elin Mar Øyen Vister (NO), Calder Harben (CA/DK), and Mo Maja Moesgaard (DK), in 2015.

The network chooses to align itself in solidarity with decolonial and anti-capitalist discourses and practices, and takes inspiration from rich history of artistic production, direct action resistance and intellectual debate.

Røst Artist in Residence is a key collaborator for the network, helping to initiate and host the seminar. The queer ecologies seminar that took place in 2015 and 2016 were both held on the island of Skomvær in Northern Norway/Sapmi, next to the Nykan Nature reserve. The seminar activities are all situated by being in place and thinking through, the island and our coexistence there.

Read more on the Queer Ecologies Network activities on the website here

The Queer Ecologies Network seminar at Røst Air has been featured in Girls Like Us issue#10 - Future