B. 1986 Toronto, Canada
lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark
calharben [at]

2017 NNKS Mentorship program (NO)
2015 MFA, Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art (NO)
2015 Nordic Sound Art diploma, KUNO (NO, SE, FL, DK)
2015 “Performing Politics” with Emily Roysdon, Kuno express course, Konstfack University (SE)
2009 BFA, NSCAD University, Halifax (CA)
2007 Study Exchange, University of the Arts, Philadelphia (US)

2018 Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency, Toronto (CA)
2018 Queer Ecologies, Røst AiR, Nordland (NO)
2017 Galleri Syster artist in residence with Georgia Munnik, Luleå (SE)
2017 Røst artist in residence, Nordland (NO)
2017 summer academy, NNKS mentorship program (NO)
2017 St. Petersburg Art Residency, Transfer North (RU)
2016 IMA READ collective, Baltic Art Centre, Gotland, (SE)
2016 Røst Artist in Residence, Skomvær Fyrstasjon, Nordland (NO)
2016 Kunstneropphold Oslo, Unge Kunstneres Samfund (NO)
2015 Røst Artist-in-Residence, Skomvær Fyrstasjon, Nordland (NO)
2013 The Arctic Circle 2013 expedition residency, Svalbard (NO)
2011 “Constructed Surface/Material Instinct” Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Deer Isle (US)

2021 Frog Chorus, Møstings Hus, Copenhagen, (DK) (group)
2020 Where the Shoreline Meets the Water: The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency Retrospective, Toronto (CA) (group)
2019 A tempo on second glance never takes the same shape, Danske Grafikere, Copenhagen (DK) (two person)
2019 Deep Sea Dweller, Vermilion Sands, Copenhagen (DK) (group)
2018 Steinalderdrømmer, NNKS, Svolvær (NO) (group)
2017 IMA READ SMK Fridays, SMK, København (DK) (group)
2017 Listening to Water, Verkligheten, Umeå (SE) (solo)
2017 Listening to Water, Røst AiR 5 year anniversary exhibition, TBD, (NO) (upcoming) (group)
2017 Bodies of Water, Xpace gallery, Toronto (CA) (solo)
2016 IMA READ as part of MONDO BOOKs, Toronto Book Art Fair, Toronto (CA) (group)
2016 “I’m trying to find another way to reach you”, Røst AiR, Skomvær Fyrstasjon (NO) (group)
2016 IMA READ, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm (SE) (group)
2016 “Det ku' være politisk”, Janus Bygningen Kunst, Tistrup (DK) (group)
2015 Tromsø Kunstakademiet MFA exhibition, Kunstforeningen, Tromsø, NO (group)
2015 Sel əwe Nordic Sound Art Graduate Exhibition, HIAP Gallery Augusta, Helsinki (FL) (group)
2015 Six Ribbons of Light, Small Projects Gallery, Tromsø (NO) (solo)
2015 TSG: Fall to Pieces, The Gladstone, Toronto, (CA) (group)
2015 The Eye in the Hand, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo (NO) (group)
2014 The Missing Body, Penny Building Gallery, Lethbridge (CA) (group)
2014 For the Record: Roadmaps and Diaries, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga (CA) (group)
2014 Ferskt Kjøtt, Kurant, Tromsø (NO) (group)
2014 I’ve Shared An Item With You, Galleri Snerk, Tromsø (NO) (group)
2014 Eyelevel Reshelving Initiative 6, Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax (CA) (group)
2014 Foodworks for So Soft +/Pure, Merike Estna, Small Projects, Tromsø, NO (group)
2012 Homecoming, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga (CA) (group)
2011 Out of Practice, ArtLab Gallery, UoWO, London (CA) (group)
2011 Faculty and Staff, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle (US) (group)
2011 Do You Read Me? Exhibition and Book Launch, Oakville Galleries, Oakville (CA)
2011 White Wedding to the Snow, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, Gallerie SAW, Ottawa (CA)
2009 Ah, but what can you do?: C. Harben / Fear of Pleasure: Leena Raudvee curated by the Women In Action collective, Centre for Women’s Studies and Education OISE, Toronto (CA) (group)
2009 Ah, but what can you do?, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax (CA) (solo)
2009 Burrow, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax (CA) (solo)
2008 Miniatures and Multiples, Seeds Gallery, Halifax (CA) (group)
2008 Textile Show and Sale Seeds Gallery, Halifax (CA) (group)
2008 Queerly Yours, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax (CA) (group)
2008 One Night Stand, 2126 Creighton Gallery, Halifax (CA) (group)
2007 Freedom of Constraint, Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax (CA) (group)
2007 Beastie!, Khyber Institute of Contemporary Arts, Halifax (CA) (group)

2016 IMA READ: <3 Positive Kvinner, IMA READ collective, Small Projects Gallery, Tromsø (NO) (co-organizer)
2015 “Vardøgers and other Queer Future-Backwards-Reachers” AGM, Association of American
Geographers, Chicago (CA) (presenter)
2015 FIDEL with Robel Temesgen, Tromsø Sometimes School, Tromsø (NO) (co-organizer)

2016 “Other than what I am” Arctic Moving Image and Film Festival, Harstad (NO)
2015 “Strangers in the Night // Fremmede i natten” In Your Pocket: After Midnight, Inside Out Film
Festival, Toronto (CA) (collaboration with Camilla Nicolaisen
2014 “As Above So Below” The Longest Night , WITS University Substation Gallery, Johannesburg (SA)
2013 “spring cleaning || It lives in my mouth” Vanity Cinema: Fat Edition, London (CA)

2014 “today we are dancers and ghosts of dead graphite miners” with Robel Temesgen, Sortland Kunstforeningen, Sortland (NO)

2017 IMA READ as part of SMK Fridays: Cut the Gap, Copenhagen (DK) (co-organizer)
2017 Queer Ecologies Film Screening Series (in development)
2017 Queer Ecologies seminar, (TBD) (co-organizer)
2016 Tromsø Arctic Pride Kickoff party, hosted by IMA READ, Kurant (NO) (co-organizer)
2016 “POWER ▼ MAKT”, IMA READ collective, (NO) (co-organizer)
2016 Small Projects at Supermarkert Art Fair, Stockholm (SE) (co-curator)
2016 “<3 Positive Kvinner”, IMA READ collective, (NO) (co-organizer)
2016 Queer Ecologies 2-week seminar, Røst AiR, Nordland (NO) (co-organizer)
2015 Chapter lll: VOGUE, “IMA READ” collective, Kurant Visningrom (NO) (co-organizer)
2015 Queer Ecologies seminar, Røst AiR, Skomvær Fyrstasjon (NO) (co-organizer)
2015 IMA READ THAT BITCH: video art screening, Tromsø Sometimes School, Tromsø (NO)
2014 Listening to Coexistence: Workshop with Elin Mar Øyen Vister, Small Projects Gallery, Tromsø (NO)
2013 From London to the Arctic film screening, Vanity Cinema, London (CA)

2017 “Queer Ecologies Network”, issue #10 - Future, Girls Like Us, (NL)
2017 “Chapter V: Dancehall”, IMA READ collective, (NO)
2016 “Det ku være politisk” exhibition catalogue (DK)
2016 MA 2016, Tromsø Kunstakadmiet (NO)
2016 “Chapter lV: POWER ▼ MAKT”, IMA READ collective, (NO)
2016 “Chapter lll: <3 Positive Kvinner”, IMA READ collective, (NO)
2015 Nordic Sound Art 2015, cassette and catalogue
2015 “Chapter ll: Vogue”, IMA READ collective, (NO)
2015 “Chapter l: IMA READ THAT BITCH”, IMA READ collective, (NO)
2012 Harben, C. “Everything Has Already Happened”, Witness, No More Potlucks: 20. (CA)
2011 “Do You Read Me?” co-editor with Oakville Galleries Youth Council, (CA)

2015 “在北極圈創作:永晝與永夜的挪威藝術學院” Ting Hsuan Tai, PASSAGE, Sept 22, 2015
2015 “Har du opplevd vardøger?” Nordlys, Sept 7, 2015
2015 “The Eye in the Hand” Billedkunst, June 5, 2015
2014 “ferskt kjøtt på Kurant” Tove Myhre, Nordlys, June 5, 2014
2012 “Coming Home” Shannon Webb-campbell, Xtra!, October 19, 2012
2012 “It’s Homecoming for city artists” Joseph Chin, Mississauga News, Sept.18, 2012
2011 “These things people make” Sarah Mangle, host, CFRU 93.3 FM, May 19, 2011.
2011 “Bringing arts to Oakville’s children” Vanessa Lu, Toronto Star, January 16, 2011
2010 “Neighbourhoods: Oakville” Toronto Craft Alert, April 29, 2010.

2018 Statens Kunstfond Residency grant (DK)
2017 Norske Billedkunstneres Vederlagsfonds, 1 year stipend (NO)
2017 Residency travel grant, Statens Kunstfond (DK)
2017 mobility support, Nordisk Kulturfond (DK)
2017 OCA international support grant (NO)
2016 Ontario Arts Council exhibition assistance grant (CA)
2016 Kulturrådet Project Grant (NO)
2016 NBK Project Grant (NO)
2016 NNKS Mentorship program (NO)
2016 Transfer North, residency and travel stipend (NO)
2016 Kulturrådet, stipend for newly graduated artists (NO)
2016 Residency support, Røst AiR, Nordland (NO)
2016 Kulturkontakt Nord for “Det Ku Være Politisk” (DK)
2016 Kulturkontakt Nord - Nordic/Baltic mobility program, for IMA READ at Baltic Art Center (SE)
2016 Statens Kunstfond præmiere udstilling for “Det Ku Være Politisk” (DK)
2016 Residency and Travel grant, Unge Kunstneres Samfund (NO)
2015 Residency and Travel support, Røst AiR, Skomvær Fyr, Nordland (NO)
2015 Travel Grant, Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art (NO)
2015 KUNO Express course scholarship, Konstfack (SE)
2014 Nordic Sound Art, KUNO student (NO, SE, FL, DK, IS)
2013 MARTY Award – Established Artist category, Mississauga Arts Council (CA)
2013 The Arctic Circle Fellowship, The Farm, Inc., New York (US)
2012 National and International Residency grant, Ontario Arts Council, The Arctic Circle 2013 (CA)
2012 OAAG Publication of the Year Award, DO YOU READ ME? in collaboration with Sarah Febbraro and Oakville Galleries Youth Council (CA)
2011 OAAG Education Award, Postmodernism: A Video Programme in collaboration with Olia Mischenko, Andrea Lalonde, Emily Gove, Monique Macleod, Shaun Dacey and Oakville Galleries
2011 Mary B. Bishop & Francis S. Merritt Scholarship, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle (US)

2016 “Radio Hopes and Dreams: Lets Talk About Gender, Baby” collaborative workshop and radio program for ASVS (Bergen) lead by Elin M. Ø. Vister, through KORO, (NO)
2012 Zine-making Booster, Workshop for service volunteers, LGBT Youth Line, Toronto (CA)
2011 Queer Trash: screen printing in collaboration with Anthea Black, Project Acorn 2011: We Are Here !?*#, Ten Oaks Project, Ottawa (CA)
2011 Red Fish, Blue Fish in collaboration with Olia Mischenko, Oakville Galleries and ArtHouse, Clearview Church, Oakville (CA)
2010 Making It Happen and Doing It Yourself: zines workshop series in collaboration with Sarah Febbraro and Oakville Galleries Youth Council, Oakville Galleries, Oakville (CA)
2010 Teen Zine Fair in collaboration with Sarah Febbraro, Oakville Galleries Youth Council, Art Gallery of Ontario Youth Council, hosted by Oakville Public Library, Oakville (CA)

2017 Artist Educator, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga (CA)
2010-14 Artist Educator, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga (CA)
2009-11 Artist Educator, Oakville Galleries, Oakville (CA)
2006-09 Education and Public Programming Assistant, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax (CA)
2006-09 Artist Educator, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax (CA)
2006-09 Summer Youth Arts Instructor, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax (CA)

2015- founding member, “IMA READ” collective
2015- founding member, Queer Ecologies Network
2016 Internship, Røst AiR, (NO)
2014-16 Working group, Small Projects Gallery (NO)
2014-15 Gallery attendant, Tromsø Kunstforening (NO)
2011-14 Coordinator Camps & Specialty Programs, Living Arts Centre, (CA)
2012 Committee Member, Line Art Auction, LGBT Youth Line, Toronto (CA)
2009-10 Arts Education Coordinator, Oakville Galleries (CA)
2009-12 Artist Educator, Oakville Galleries (CA)
2005–09 Artist Educator, Art Gallery of NS (CA)

Unge Kunstneres Samfund, Norway
Unge Kunstnere og Kunsformidlere, Denmark
Canadian Artists Representation / Le Front de Artistes Canadiens, membership, Canada