© 2015 Cal Harben

"Some people are just Lucky"
Copper cast
double sided Canadian pennies
Limited edition of 14

Luck is a force that shapes the events of our lives to either desirable or undesirable outcomes, success or failure, profit or loss, win or lose. By definition it is an unpredictable and uncontrollable force; unresponsive to any actions or influence on our part. It is a force used to describe all kinds of outcomes in life - in economies; gambling; karma; faith; science; discovery; personal character, and life circumstances: our very livelihood and happiness.

Though, is luck really just a game of chance? How much influence do we have over our luck? How much of what we perceive to be 'luck' is actually privilege concealed as a chance of good fortune? Some people are said to be innately lucky; characterized by hard work, skill and a contingency of circumstances set to breed success, while others are seemingly destined to suffer chronic misfortune; continuously in the wrong place at the wrong time. In some cases bad luck is described as a result of having made poor life choices; bad life choices breeding bad luck. Ascribing the force of luck to explain one person's successes and another's failures, as a result of pure chance and unpredictability, removes the role of responsibility; relegating the results of a deterministic fate as 'out of our hands'.

SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST LUCKY is a series of individually packaged, double sided pennies. The pennies are intended specifically for the purpose of coin flipping as a method for decision making: two players each choose a side of a coin, each: head or tails, and flip the coin to determine which of the two players is privileged in a particular situation, depending on whether the coin lands on their chosen side.